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    A GUIDE 2 GREECE will not knowingly transmit any such personal information to third parties without your knowledge or permission and will make every reasonable endeavour to keep that information secure. However, in the end result, A GUIDE 2 GREECE shall not be held liable in any way should such information be stolen, or obtained in any fashion unauthorised by A GUIDE 2 GREECE, by any method whatsoever, including but not limitted to the use of malicious software, code or electronic device. Any recompense for such loss of personal information must be pursued directly against the perpetrators of the theft, by the user(s) of the A GUIDE 2 GREECE service(s), if necessary through a court of law.

   Where there is a link from the service to another website or third party software, including for the purposes of financial transactions, A GUIDE 2 GREECE accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the use of such interfacing software, or for personal data transmitted during such use. Users must make themselves familiar with the T&Cs of the site or service(s) concerned and any use of such service(s) shall be under the auspices of those T&Cs.   


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