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As you will probably have noticed, we have recently begun to develop this site. There are ambitious plans for new, exciting content and these will gradually be introduced over a period of time. If you love Greece and all things Greek, please check back on a regular basis, to see the latest upgrades to the site. You can even submit your own ideas for content if you wish.
Greece is a large country, a vibrant and an ever-changing one; some facts that you will read about here may therefore have changed a little since they were last reviewed. We travel extensively in Greece and will try our very best to keep the site as fully up to date as possible.  However, we cannot be everywhere at once and so we do rely to some extent upon people who enjoy using our site, the –
“Friends of AGUIDE2GREECE”
to let us know when information has become out-dated and to provide us with (gratis) updates together with any (.jpg) photographs that they are happy for us to use. If you have any information or photographs to send to us on this basis, they will be most gratefully received and we will send you a personal thank you by email.
When we are up and running properly, we intend to produce a “Friends of AGUIDE2GREECE” newsletter and a variety of benefits for those who subscribe to the newsletter. If you have anything that you think would be of interest to others, including accounts of your experiences in Greece, please send them for inclusion in the next issue. Similarly, if you would like to communicate with, or even meet up with other like-minded Grecophiles, you can also send advertisements for the newsletter.
All communications should please be addressed to administrator@wwlynx.com and any content submitted for possible publication on the site should be accompanied by the following;
a)                  a statement to the effect that the submitted text and photographs are entirely your own work
b)                  a statement to the effect that you are happy for us to use the submitted material in perpetuity, without charge, licence, copyright or any other encumbrance
c)                  your postal name and address in addition to your email address (such information will of course be kept and used only for our own administrative purposes – not given to anyone else without your permission)
The intention is to provide a travel site that has rich useful content, which will benefit and interest all those who plan to travel to Greece, intend to live in Greece, or simply wish to enjoy the Greek experience in their home country. The site is largely funded by the businesses that advertise upon it. These businesses represent a particularly useful resource for independent people who seek quality in terms of holiday accommodation, a more permanent residence, or a wide variety of other relevant services. Please support them (and us) through your regular use of this site.


Mike and Gill


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