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Sivota, Lefkada



The East and Dhrepanou Gulf, Nidri, Gheni

The South, VassilikiSivota

The North and Lefkada TownAgios Nikitas  

Sailing/Watersports Nidri and Dhrepanou Gulf,

Sailing/Watersports Vassiliki  

Island Connections  

General overview   

Travelling from the nearest airport - Preveza, it will take you about an hour to travel to Lefkadha town by car.  If continuing down to the South of the island, you can expect about another hour.

The "island" of Lefkada (meaning "white" in Greek) is in fact connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus of land, so no ferries are required to cross to it. Apart from the occasional earthquake, in common with most areas of Greece, the island has been a peaceful place since passing through the hands of the Venetians, Frankisch princes, Turks, French, Russians (to name but a few!) and finally a British Protectorate from the early 19th century until becoming part of Greece in 1864.

Lefkada has not been over-run with tourism, in fact most of the island is still largely agricultural. If you explore the centre of the island you will quickly discover the 'real' Lefkada. The East has only very small beaches, but is a truly fantastic place to have the use of a boat. The South is for hardier sailors and the West is for the romantic, with the best long deserted sandy beaches on the island, together with beautiful sunsets.  

Looking for Dolphins at the Ionian Blue

Above is a sample of the view across to the mainland from the Ionian Blue Hotel on the Eastern coast of Lefkada, about 2 Km North of Nidri and about 6 km South of the main town of Lefkada. Confusingly, both the town and the island have the same name and that name can often be pronounced and spelt differently - variations include Lefkas, Lefkadas and Lefkada. The Greek version looks like this : ΛΕΥΚΑΔΑ 

The East and Dhrepanou Gulf  

Similar views can be obtained from the Sunsail base situated almost next door to the Ionian Blue Hotel. Often to be found at the Sunsail base is Nikos Thermos who runs an independent Sport Boat Charter business (Tel: (0645) 93033). Nikos has a number of powerful craft to drive yourself if you have the right qualifications, or as a skippered charter for a couple of hours or more. Nikos knows the waters of the Dhrepanou Gulf well and in one of his boats, nowhere is very far! A typical tour will take in some beautiful bays, Skorpios (Onassis') Island and a beach or a taverna. Not prohibitively expensive and an experience to truly treasure.

Dhrepanou Gulf

Dolphins can often be seen playing in this area of sea and there is an endless stream of passing boats to watch during those lazy afternoons.

The Sunsail beach club (bookable on-line or from the UK) has a superb range of boats and day yachts for guests (only), not to mention a superb atmosphere. Neilson also have a base in Nidri for their yachts, in addition to a beach club. Nidri in fact has a number of yacht charter opportunities (including Skorpios Charter), although it is best not to trust to luck if wishing to use a yacht in these waters. Everything is generally booked up during the summer months, right through until early October.

Nidri and Gheni   

Nidri (also facing east across the Dhrepanou Gulf) has a sea frontage with a large number of tavernas and bars set against a backdrop of moored yachts. It has everything in the way of supplies and facilities, including medical assistance, car hire and boat hire. However, it lacks a little in the way of character and unless you want to be squashed on to the waterfront, it might be better to visit Nidri rather than stay there. Inland from Nidri, via Rachi, lies a picturesque gorge and waterfalls (when there has been rain). You can either drive up towards the falls, park and then walk for some 30 mins, or some hardy souls make the two hour walk all the way from Nidri. You will need stout footwear and be slightly intrepid for the last bit!

Ferries operate from Nidri to Meghanisi Island (just off-shore), Vassiliki, Kefalonia and Ithaca.

If you want superb peace and quiet for your meal don't miss the secret tavernas on the waterfront of Gheni. This little gem is just South of Nidri, opposite Vlicho. You might need to get off the beaten track a little, but it is well worth it for the peace and quiet. If you have water-borne transport, Vlicho Bay is a safe, almost inland, quiet stretch of water. You may wish to consider the small number of  apartments in Gheni (see local owners (ask at the taverna) or try Ionian Island Holidays).  Some apartments have small motorboats as part of the deal -  great for trips around the enclosed bay and to Nidri for supplies. 

The South, Vassiliki, "Wildwind" and Sivota 

To the South of the island lies Vasiliki, a lively town in summer frequented by watersport enthusuiasts taking advantage of the reliable strong winds funnelling down from the hills almost every day. Various watersport holiday centres are situated here, including "Wildwind" holidays. These provide beachside accommodation and  a lively social life, in addition to the watersports equipment. If you are not staying in Vasiliki, you can still hire watersports equipment such as a catamaran or windsurfer, assuming you are competent to use it and you are willing to take a chance on one being available - resident guests obviously come first. The town itself has many waterfront Tavernas to provide sufficient variety for those seeking alternative culinary experiences. Try asking Taverna owners if you can view their freshly caught fish - choose your own from those on offer and have it cooked there and then. While away the time with an Ouzo or two. Plenty of cats can be seen around the eating establishments, so check that one has not sneaked into your handbag before leaving the Taverna!

Along the South coast you will find the small picturesque fishing village of Sivota (not to be confused with the equally picturesque Sivota on the mainland just South of Igomenitsa). Considering that this village on Lefkada is a such a small place, it has an excellent variety of coffee shops and tavernas, although they are kept going mainly by the crews of the numerous visiting flotillas of sailing yachts.

The North, Lefkada Town and Aghios Nikitas    

Just outside the bustling principle town of Lefkada with its large marina and multiple facilities, lies the monastary of Faneromeni. The monastary is largely open to the public during the week and is worth a visit  to experience the peace within, the fantastic views and the beautiful artefacts. Be aware though, that this is an active monastary and that your clothing and behaviour must be appropriate. Ladies are permitted to enter,  but must wear a coverall (supplied at the gate if necessary).   

Aghios Nikitas

On the North Western coast of Lefkada lies Aghios Nikitas, with narrow streets and some real Greek Tavernas where you can select your fish and have it cooked 'properly' on a charcoal grill. Try the last Taverna on the left before you hit the beach - we loved it. Whilst this village is quite popular with many different nationalities, it is a not too busy in the shoulder season and still has a laid-back "hippy" feel to it! The sandy beach at the village is adequate in the off season, but there is also a water taxi to Mylos, an otherwise inaccessible beach, just around the headland if you want to find some personal space.


    Whilst Lefkas is classed as an island, it is barely 50 metres from mainland Greece and joined by a narrow causeway, so although Lefkas does not have its own airport, it is only a short drive (approximately 30 minutes from Lefkas town) to Preveza airport on the mainland.   Package holidays are available from both major and Greek specialist tour companies.  Charter airlines fly direct from the U.K. to Preveza during the summer months, usually from April to October.  Flying time from the U.K. is approximately 3 hours 15 minutes.

   Olympic Airways offer scheduled flights from the U.K. to Preveza airport via Athens, all year round.  Timings vary depending on how long you need to wait in Athens for the connecting flight to Preveza and the domestic flight time from Athens to Preveza is approximately 30-40 mins.  It is worth mentioning that if you are booked on a Greek domestic flight with Olympic Airways and you fly from the UK with another airline which arrives late causing you to miss the domestic flight, Olympic Airways does not accept responsibility for another airlines’ delay and you may have to purchase a replacement domestic flight ticket.  However, I have flown many times with Olympic Airways to Athens with a connecting domestic flight and on the rare occasions I have been delayed (for whatever reason) they have always honoured the onward section and put me on the next available flight without any extra charge.  You should check this policy when booking onward connections, with whichever airline you choose to travel with.
     Lefkas has daily ferries operating from Nidri to Meganisi isl;and just off-shore, the port of Fiscardo on neighbouring Kefalonia and the island of Ithaca.  From Vassiliki in the south there is a ferry service to both Kefalonia and Ithaca.



The foregoing information was last reviewed in July 2006. Things change, and whilst we are often travelling in Greece we do rely to some extent upon others to provide updates in order to keep the site as current and accurate as possible!  If you have updates or information that you think should be included here, please mail - webmaster@aguide2greece.com  - thank you.



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